Quiénes Somos

When you visit Havana, you can miss this restaurant that really cause a deep pleasant feeling and the desire of coming back again and again for tasting all the plates in the Menu, it is called Rio Mar.

This place, which has been opened for less than a year, has already been called by many of their national and international clients as the best restaurant in Havana. As the visitors enter, they will be surprised by the elegance, good taste, refinement in the décor, and the newest trends in food presentation and dinner service.

The restaurant´s menu has been very well balanced and presents dishes from the Cuban and the International cuisine, with specialty in seafood. The bar also can provide international cocktails and you can find in the small but nicely provided wine cellar, bottles of the most remarkable wines around the world.

Fish Rio Mar is the specialty of the house. The fish selected for this preparation is the red snapper, which is placed over a bed of potatoes. Then, octopus sliced in small pieces mixed up with olive oil, garlic, paprika and parsley, is put over the fish, letting its flavor mix in a very uncommon but delicious taste.

A unique experience in this one-of-a-kind place in Havana.


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